• I love the youngevityproducts, so much, I have been sleeping better and everyday I wake up and I feel fully charged and awake rather than before I would have trouble sleeping was taking up to ten store bought Valerian root, and an allergy pill to put myself to sleep now I take 1 sleep eze with two destress and two Sweet eze I sleep like a baby! I used to crave sweets everyday but thanks to the Sweet eze I no longer crave them, except for when it gets close to that time of month. This part of myself I'm working on currently but so far I've been so good and so healthy I love it! The products above are not the only products I love : )
  • Youngevity has changed my life. Since starting on the journey with it last August, I have not been sick once. The one time I started getting a cold I used the recommended products and EOs and headed it off before it became full blown. My lab work, which had not been normal since I can remember, now is completely normal. Thank you #Youngevity for changing my life!
  • Wow, the best health supplement I've ever had! I'm not even on day 30 yet of taking the Tangy Tangerine 2.0 and I have so much more energy. I really feel great! Thank you Dr. Wallach and the Youngevity team!
  • Youngevity 90 for life, giving your body what it needs to have energy, health and to repair is right on! And to help repair the damage that we have unknowingly done to ourselves or prescribed damage takes more than a day to undo. We go to the doctor and they give us painkillers and cover ups, but we still have the health problem. Dr. Wallach has fought everyday to be able to make products that actually WORK and are available for you and me. Give the products time to help bring you back to health.
  • I've suffered with Lupus and chronic migraines for years. Pollen Burst helps me with both of these conditions. the 1600+ IU of Vitamin B12 sooth my nerves and joints and the other great ingredients give me the energy I need to teach my 4th grade class from 8 until 2.
  • Youngevity is the core of health and nutrition , the products are a life saver for thousands of people. Dr. Wallach and Youngevity saved my life and my marriage , I was so depleted and deficient of vitamins and Minerals. I owe it all to Youngevity
  • Awesome customer Service! My Suero Viv cleanse arrived a day earlier than expected and no one was home to receive it. Needless to say in this heat it didn't survive. I was able to call and get replacements. A one time deal, but the customer rep was do pleasant and so helpful.
  • This is the most amazing awesome transformation of my life!!!!! If have been waiting my whole life for this. Thanks to all who got me here!!! Love love love love all the products.
  • Youngevity is changing my life. Pain is going away, body weight is going down, and i am learning how to help other people improve their health and live longer. I am getting happier ever day and i did not even win the lottery much.
  • My health is getting better each day. I can spend almost all day with my grandchildren. I can help others and I still getting income. I love this company.
  • Love the products and the people! You should definitely check this out for better health in people and pets.
  • Great products, great team, and a great lifestyle now that I'm healthy and happier...all because of Joe Wallach and his products
  • Youngivity 's 90 for life has improved the way I feel in a lot of ways over the past year. I find that I sleep better and not so tired during the day.
  • The health information you get from DR GLIDDEN and DR WALLACK is what every one needs to change their bad eating habits. Then you start feeling more healthier when you use the Youngevity nutrients I just love them.
  • It is amazing what having the right nutrition can do. I haven't had a diverticulitis flare up in two years. My ulcer is gone. Thank you Youngevity. I am 90 for Life.
  • I love Youngevity Products. I feel awesome with Detoxing and adding important nutrients and minerals. Join my Detox challenge and see for yourself.
  • I love Youngevity. I use the nutrition supplements, the scrapbooking supplies, digital scrapbooking, essential oils, beauty products, and more. I'm so glad to be part of this company.
  • I love Youngevity products! Just in the first couple days of taking the Healthy Body pack you will feel like a million bucks!
  • oungevity has transformed my life! The best vitamins/supplements I've ever taken! #FibroFighter #90ForLife #90ESSENTIALNutrients #TheHealthyLifestyleJourney #TheHealthyLifestyleForLife
  • The products deliver what they advertise. Once you go Youngevity, you won't go back.
  • I work for the company and its the greatest job I ever had. Fantastic products the hardest working people, because they care.
  • Been using the 90forlife products, ,I really feel great, ,this products really r helpping me to feel better, more energy in my healthy lifestyle, ,
  • Absolutely wonderful to be in this company and being 90ForLife!!!!
  • I love this fantastic product it change my life.I have other oportunity of health with yongevity.
  • youngevity changed my health and my life style. try it
  • i sure love the tangy tangerine it is so awesome and it is great
  • It is the best product I've ever used
  • Easy, enjoyable way for better life!
  • To me it's a great company want tolearn more from them everyone should like it .
  • The Greatest Company on the planet! We are just getting started!
  • Best company in the world my friends! The 90forLife products have literally saved my life! Thank you Doc Wallach for starting this company and sharing you're message with the world!
  • LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS COMPANY!!! So glad to be part of something that is going to grow so huge!!!
  • Life enhancing products and heart centered company!
  • I was diagnosed with Celiac and a sad benefit of this is no absorption of needed minerals and vitamins. The bioavailability of the liquid minerals and BTT 2.0 helped change what could have been a life threatening situation is now a road to health. Probably not a 100% but 100% better than where I was.
  • Awesome products and fantastic people! The BEST!!
  • Youngevity is AWESOME!!! It is an honor to be associated with such a Great Company!
  • I swear by their products namely Beyond Tangy Tangerine. It's changed my health dramatically and i was already healthy.
  • My body and health has begun an incredible transformation in less than 30 days, and I am grateful that I was inspired to take the chance after only watching a video!
  • Only the best vitamins nutrients and mineral supplements you buy for a great price. ( how much is your life worth?)
  • I can't say enough about youngevity products they are awesome
  • great products!! more energy, don't get sick when taking them
  • TRULY life saving supplements! Youngevity is one of the best companies to work with to help people succeed financially and families afford quality healthcare.
  • Lo mejor que una persona pudo aver echo por mi .fue recomendarme estos maravillosos productos al rin sere una mujer libre de emfermedades y dejare de sentir esos grandes dolores de huesos y prevenir cancer diabetis obesida y muchas mas enfermedades gracias youngevity por existir gracias dr Joel Wallach que Dios lo siga bendiciendo con tanta inteligencia para ayudar a todos los seres humanos .te gustaria saber mas contactame y te contare mi historia y te ayudare a q un dia y no lejano cuentes la tuya ( Translated: The best thing that a person was able to see echo for me. Was recommend these wonderful products to the Rhine, I'll be a free woman of emfermedades and no longer feel those big Dolores of bones and prevent cancer diabetes. Obesida and many more diseases youngevity thanks to exist thanks dr Joel Wallach May God continue to bless you with so much intelligence to help All human beings. Would you like to know more contact me and I'll tell you my story and help you to q a day and not far count yours)
  • Youngeverity es ... Lo mejor que he conocido ! Un excelente producto ! Me encanta por los resultados que hemos sentido en nuestra familia ... Los dolores de mis huesos y músculos desaparecieron.. Estoy con energía , mi actitud positiva . .. Mi hija se le kito la migraña K por años venia padeciendo y tomamos la decisión de distribuirlos por los resultados k hemos tenido . Gracias Dr. Wallach. ! Gracias por fundar Youngeverity !!!  (Translated:  Youngeverity is... The best thing I've ever known! An excellent product! I love by the results that have been in our family... The pain of my bones and muscles are gone.. I'm with energy, my positive attitude. .. My daughter is le kito migraine k for years came suffer and we took the decision to distribute them by results k we had. Thank you, Dr. Wallach. ! Thanks for founding youngeverity!!!)
  • Gracias..Dr Joel Wallach. Por el 90 por vida por que con su formula cada hombre..mujer..y niños puedan estar saludables..con estos 90 nutrimentes podemos vivir mas y mejor. (Translated: Thank you.. Dr Joel Wallach. By the 90 for life for that with his formula every man.. Woman.. And children can be healthy.. With These 90 nutrimentes we can live more and better.)
  • Estos productos son excelentes. Si quieres ver un cambio en tu salud, pruebalos. Comunicate conmigo. (Translated: These products are excellent. If you want to see a change in your health,, try them. Communicate with me.)
  • Fantasic,super ,einmalig und alles bestens ,ich bin begeistert ,.(Translated: Fantasic, super, unique and all the best, I'm thrilled,...)
  • Es la oportunidad que todos tenemos, para lograr el porque estamos aquí para realizar nuestro meta y a ser nuestro sueños Cada uno si se puede. (Translated: It's a chance that we all have, in order to achieve the because we are here to make our goal and to be our dreams every one if you can.)
  • Es una mejor manera de vivir. De vivir una vida más saludable. Es una bendición de Dios. (Translated: It's a better way to live. To live a healthier life. It's a blessing from God.)
  • Exelente empresa con un exelente plan de conpensacion  (Translated: Great company with a great plan of conpensacion)
  • Me siento orgullosa y vendecida de estar con este maravillos producto  (Translated: I feel proud and vendecida being with this wonderful product)
  • Excelente Producto. Excelente Plan y Excelente Liderazgo donde todos podemos aprender y lograr nuestras metas.  (Translation:  Excellent product. Excellent plan and excellent leadership where we can all learn and achieve our goals.)
  • Una compañia con opciones infinitas para mejorar nuestra salud  (Translation: A company with infinite choices in order to improve our health)
  • 90 for life este paquete contiene todo lo que su cuerpo requiere para sanar y reconstruirse a si mismo .  (Translation:  90 for life this package contains everything your body needs to heal and rebuild to himself.)


* (independently posted testimonials submitted and posted on the Youngevity Facebook page; we cannot substantiate these testimonials in any way; Statements above have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease; in no way a replacement for Professional Medical advice or care; Consult your doctor before consuming these or any supplements)

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