Healthy weight loss

With obesity reaching epidemic proportions in many countries, managing weight has proven to be a constant challenge for multitudes of people. Using Youngevity's weight loss system, you can achieve simple weight loss and attain optimal physical health safely and effectively.

Health and Wellness Coach Sanjeev Javia

“My philosophy to health is pretty simple: do what you can, when you can, the best you can. Although our weight loss program is simple to follow, the results are powerful thanks to Dr. Wallach’s 90 essential nutrients.” 

Healthy Weight Loss & Transformation

Managing weight seems to be a constant challenge and struggle for many. Every day you hear of new “wonder” products that will take the weight off “in days” or the grueling and difficult solutions of “no pain no gain.” Even with all these solutions, our society, and maybe even you, do not seem to be able to get the weight off and most importantly keep it off.

Youngevity® has an entirely new approach to weight loss. First, we do not care about weight, we only care about fat. Fat is the toxic element of the body that not only is a precursor to illness and disease, but it’s also the element that keeps you from managing your weight. Second, Youngevity® believes that fat loss is a result of being healthy, not the other way around. When your body is fully nourished, when it has the optimal foods, calories, and nutrients it needs, it gains such a level of health and wellness that ridding the body of excess fat becomes simple. And lastly, Youngevity does not believe in diets, short-term programs, or methods that are unsustainable, we believe in healthy, safe, positive lifestyles.

The Youngevity® system to losing fat and maintaining the level of optimal health is what the Youngevity® Transformation Experience is about.

If you’re looking for “30lbs in 2 weeks” or "quick fix" solutions that only focus on weight-loss (mostly from water, muscles, and bones), then you’ve come to the wrong place.

Youngevity Transformation Experience

It’s time you enjoy the journey back to health and realize that once you’ve been Transformed, there is no way to go back!

Are you searching for "my healthy weight loss plan?"  Our Healthy Body Weight Loss Pak provides a solid and fundamentally-sound basis for safe and effective weight management.  Your body receives the nutrients it needs, while our simple weight loss system helps you lose fat and get healthy.  

What is the metabolic effect?  Youngevity® Healthy Body Weight Loss Pak™ is a revolutionary weight loss Pak™ that focuses on releasing excess fat stores, enhancing your metabolism, and delivering immediate impactful results. The Pak™ provides the body with the ultimate 90 essential nutrients, 90 For Life™, using the (3) products of the Healthy Body Start Pak™ along with ASAP™, a powerful, homeopathic set of nutrients that deal with the three main causes of excess fat storage; stress, poor metabolism, and detoxification.  You must consult your doctor but this might be a heart healthy weight loss diet.  Realistic healthy weight loss to support metabolic balance.

Most weight loss systems are primarily made up of dangerous stimulants, harmful appetite suppressants, or nutrients that dehydrate the body and leave you deficient. The Healthy Body Weight Loss Pak™ works by feeding the body essential nutrients to fulfill cravings, stimulate the mechanisms that burn calories, and release concentrated energy stores in excess areas.

Each pack provides broad spectrum foundation nutrition and includes BTT 2.0 Citrus Peach Fusion - 480g canister (1), EFA PLUS- 90 soft gels (1), and Beyond Osteo-fx powder - 357g Canister (1) and ASAP (1)

Transformation Kit

Enhance your weight loss experience with this companion kit. The Transformation Kit will provide you with a great tasting meal replacement shake, blood sugar management, toxicity cleansing, and more. It’s the perfect complement to your weight loss journey.  Chocolate or vanilla.

Now more than ever, in order for healthy weight loss to take place, your body requires more than just a crash diet, your body needs the right nutrients to cleanse, repair, and transform; providing you with more than just weight loss support. With the Healthy Body Transformation Kit, you will go beyond dieting. You will be able to revamp your health with meal replacement shakes (could make healthy smoothies for weight loss), cleansing nutrients, and healthy drink supplementation that will assist with long-term weight loss. The Healthy Body Transformation Kit includes: (1) Slender FX™ Meal Replacement Shake (Chocolate), (1) Slender FX™ Food Fiber, (1) Slender FX™ Sweet Eze™, (1) Slender FX™ Cleanse FX™, and (30) Body Trim™- Stick Packs.

“I never thought I could do it. I took the Healthy Body Challenge and lost 113 lbs. Now I can keep up with the grandkids. I have so much more energy and am a happier person now. Losing the weight makes me feel amazing.”

-  Claudette Nobel, Transformation Challenge Grand Champion

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Get the Healthy Weight Loss Guide. 

Simple weight loss system

Time and time again, you’ve heard that weight loss is as simple as burning more calories than you consume. While this is true for the most part, your specific circumstances and your body’s needs also play a part in making weight loss work for you. Find out more with our weight loss guide. Buy your healthy weight loss products.

Get your Pak

The perfect Pak will help you achieve your health goals.

Take photos

Take your “before” photo, as well as on-going photos so you can see your progress!

Share goals

Your family and friends will likely be among your greatest supporters. Bring them on board with your transformation.

Follow the plan

Stick to the plan and watch the fat melt away. The Weight Loss Guide is your simple-to-follow plan.

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