Get More Life Out of Your Cells and Telomere Length based on Telomere Award-Winning Work

What is a telomere supplement?  What affects telomere lenght?  Check out this video from Dr. Joel Wallach explaining telomeres and aging; the anit-aging benefits of the imortalium telomere supplement in regards to telomere shortening.  

Have you heard about telomeres, aging and telomere supplements?  An amazing breakthrough in genetic coding may (?) finally make it possible to slow cellular aging and telomere shortening. In 2009, a team of doctors won the Nobel Prize in Physiology for discovering that the ends of chromosomes are protected by coverings called Telomeres that control cellular aging.  Many studies are showing compelling evidence that links healthy telomeres to longer cell life and anti-aging. The longer and healthier the telomere strand in a cell, the greater the health and anti-aging benefits.  Telomere supplements are the cutting edge in attempting to use this science.

For many years, poor nutrition, stress, and a lot of other unhealthy habits have been affecting our well-being and even our lifespan; causing the cells in our bodies to age more rapidly (telomere aging is part). This has led many individuals to seek anti-aging support in the form of anti aging vitamins and natural anti-aging nutritional supplementation.  People have already begun looking for telomere supplements.

There is much that is still being discovered about telomeres and anti-aging, and many are still searching for the what actually causes aging and how to slow or even reverse it. Now, the use of modern scientific research and technology has allowed for a new breakthrough in anti-aging, finding that specific supplements might help extend the lifespan of telomeres (no one knows for sure), helping to support fight the natural aging process.  

Imortalium® combines the most effective anti-aging nutrients in a cutting-edge, bi-layered and extended release tablet that nutritionally proposes to attempt to help extend the lifespan of telomeres, helping to support fight the natural aging process (although nothing can stop the aging process itself).

In order to further advance the anti-aging qualities of Imortalium™, it has been packaged in a unique, technologically advanced Miron violet glass bottle. The Miron violet glass works as a filter that blocks the complete spectrum of visible light with the exception of the violet wave length to protect the quality of the nutrients that support telomeres in each tablet.

Our Telomere Supplement Contains These Anti-Aging Nutrients:

  • Supports Powerful Defenses Against the Oxidative Stresses of Aging.*
  • Supplies High Potency, Natural, Energy-Releasing Nutrients.*
  • Promotes Telomere-Lengthening Enzyme Activity in Healthy Cells.*
  • Promotes Healthy Restriction and Reduction of Telomere Length in Unhealthy Cells.* 

Learn more exciting details about this amazing telomere suplementation anti-aging product:

imortalium glass telomere longevity


(Retail: $85)

Telomere shortening- can it be slowed down? No body can be 100% sure at this point but it's worth investigating and we are on the cutting edge and imortalium is an incredible anti-aging vitamin and antioxidant telomere supplement.

William Andreoli, President of Youngevity International said, “The global anti-aging product market is growing and expected to reach over $290 billion by 2015, which is fuelled by the aging population seeking anti-aging support in the form of nutritional supplementation. The importance of telomeres to health and ageing continues to grow. The discovery of telomeres and how they protect the ends of chromosomes against degradation had a major impact within the scientific community and a team of scientists were awarded a Noble Prize in Physiology of Medicine in 2009. Youngevity is dedicated to delivering solutions to help health-conscious people Live Younger, Longer and we believe Imortalium is a solution for healthy aging.”

“We received a very enthusiastic response from our global distributor and customer base during the launch of our new breakthrough anti-aging supplement, Imortalium, on December 31st” said Steve Wallach, Youngevity’s Chief Executive Officer. “We are very excited about the tremendous potential benefits and results of Imortalium to combat aging and believe we have a great opportunity to make a major impact in the growing multi-billion dollar anti-aging global product market. We filed a trademark for the name Imortalium through the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) in January 2013 and we anticipate the registration of the trademark early this year.”  This is among the first and finest telomere supplements that hopes to support telomere longevity.

2009's Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine was awarded to three scientists who solved a major problem in biology: how the chromosomes can be copied in a complete way during cell divisions and how they are protected against degradation. The telomere award-winning work of Nobel Laureates have shown that the solution is to be found in the ends of the chromosomes – the telomeres – and in an enzyme that forms them – telomerase.

The long, thread-like DNA molecules that carry our genes are packed into chromosomes, the telomeres being the caps on their ends. Elizabeth Blackburn and Jack Szostak discovered that a unique DNA sequence in the telomeres protects the chromosomes from degradation. Carol Greider and Elizabeth Blackburn identified telomerase, the enzyme that makes telomere DNA. These discoveries explained how the ends of the chromosomes are protected by the telomeres and that they are built by telomerase.

If the telomeres are shortened, cells age. Conversely, if telomerase activity is high, telomere length is maintained, and cellular senescence is delayed. This is the case in cancer cells, which can be considered to have eternal life. Certain inherited diseases, in contrast, are characterized by a defective telomerase, resulting in damaged cells. The award of the Nobel Prize recognizes the discovery of a fundamental mechanism in the cell, a discovery that has stimulated the development of new therapeutic strategies and now...a proposed telomere support supplement.  Of course we do not claim to stop the aging process nor prevent the signs and processes of aging.

We are extremely excited to bring you this cutting edge telomere supplement but make no claim that it enhances longevity.

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