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Have you been searching for great-tasting, wholesome foods that help you save money? Youngevity’s GOFoods brand provides simple-to-prepare food your whole family will enjoy. Bon appetite!

Meals in Minutes

Simply tear off the top of the pouch, pour the contents into a pot with the recommended amount of water, heat and stir, and then serve and enjoy.

In 15 minutes or less you’ll have a delicious and nutritious meal that satisfies any appetite or taste.


GOFoods is a premier direct seller in daily use, quick fix, extended shelf-life, storable food. GOFoods healthy, nutritious storable food reserves are easy to prepare and serve for a meal, storable for future times of need, and easy to share with others.

The unique packaging of GOFoods storable food products makes it possible to store GOFoods meals for many years while maintaining its nutritional value. GOFoods storable food entrées, bakery goods, breakfasts, and beverages are nutritious, free of MSG, GMO’s, trans fats, and hydrogenated oils. The product line includes gluten-free, soy-free, irradiation free, lactose-free and vegetarian products.

All of the GOFoods storable food products feature the OU (Orthodox Union) Kosher certification, vegetarian, and carry the Nutriversal Seal of Approval. The Nutriversal seal shown on all packages indicates these products have met the highest quality standards in the food service industry and each package delivers the finest food available.

There’s something reassuring in knowing that our pantry is stocked and that the next great Dr. Wallach-approved meal is just minutes away. I love knowing that my family is being nourished by food that meets such high standards.” - Todd Smith

Storability and share-ability

GOFoods meals are delicious and healthy and can be stored for up to 25 years without losing their nutritional value! They’re dehydrated so they’re lightweight and compact. Serve a GOFoods meal to get to know your neighbors, celebrate with friends and family, or take it with you to-go for just about any occasion.

The Nutriversal Seal™ of promise

In addition to our amazing quality and astonishing variety, our GOFoods brand has the “Gold Standard” in quality foods needs.  When you see the Nutriversal Seal (TM) you can rest assured that our products meet the most stringent guidelines and quality standards in the food industry. 

“I have been eating delicious GOFoods meals for years. My family and I love them for their flavor, their affordability and their easy preparation. All these reasons led me to become a distributor and part of a winning team. I love being part of something I believe in so much — something that transforms my health and my life.” - Krista Andersen

Savings you can count on

One of the best reasons to enjoy GOFoods products is that you will not spend a penny more on food than you do now. In fact, by purchasing GOFoods on a monthly basis instead of buying groceries at the local supermarket or eating out at an unhealthy fast-food restaurant, you will likely save money on your family food budget. That's great news for us all!

Get paid to share

Does offering a product that people use multiple times a day, and already spend money on, sound like a great business to you? Become a distributor- learn about Youngevity’s incredible compensation system and wide variety of health and lifestyle products.

The GOFoods philanthropy model is served through the GOFoods Foundation which partners with charitable organizations around the country providing food in the areas of greatest need. For every ten packages of food purchased by consumers, GOFoods donates one package of food or its equivalent in servings to those who are at risk for hunger.

Enhance your storable food supply today.  Good readiness of storable food must include storage of high quality food that will build us up rather than tear us down. Much of the storable food available is full of bad fats, salt and sugar and even MSG, not to mention high levels of pesticides and nutrient poor refined foods. Perfect for those people looking to enhance their stored foods with quality, nutritious, real food. 

The reality is that during a period of crisis your body and mind will be under tremendous stress.  This increased strain can decrease the ability for your immune system to function normally.  As your immune functions break down, disease become much more likely and this is absolutely the last thing you need during any type of emergency.  This storable food food will help sustain you with high quality, storable foods that are not heavily processed nor nutrient deficient.  Storable food provides the nutrition you need for your body to operate at peak levels when you need it the most. 

Now is the time to be prepared with storable food.  With hurricanes, tsunamis, floods, droughts, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, viruses like Ebola plus the man made disasters that often follow or worsen their effects, in addition to all the economic turmoil, we are facing some challenging times. When disaster strikes, few things are more valuable and essential than food.

BUT the great thing is, storable food  isn't just for emergencies.  You can eat this anytime you want a delicious and quick meal.  Great for those with very little time to cook and yet want to eat something nutritious.  For busy Moms, busy Professionals, send to your kids in College. Good for hiking and other on the go situations!

Sold in packs of 1, 4 or 13 in delicious varieties including the examples below to list a few.

storable food 1 month supply
storable food 3 month supply
storable food 6 month supply


Beef Stew- 2

Seasoned Mashed Potatoes- 2

Creamy Tuscan Pasta Sun-dried Tomatoes- 2

Wisconsin White Cheddar with Pasta Shells- 1

Beef Strogananoff- 1

Southwestern Tortilla Soup - 1

Potato Cheddar Soup - 2

Western Potato Chowder - 2

Sweet Corn Chowder - 1

Chicken Noodle Soup - 2

Whey Good Milk - 2

Tropical Fruit Mix - 2

Almond Granola - 2

Natural Oatmeal - 2

storable food 1 year supply
storable food 72 hour emergency

The photos above are samples.  See all of our large and wonderful selections of on-the-go, storable food selections.

Article on Storable Food from by Steve Shenk (founder of GoFoods)

Recently, many of Utah’s and Colorado’s residents have been facing the very real threat of losing their homes to wildfires. The dry conditions coupled with steady winds have burned numerous acres and caused a lot of worry and heartache. A number of these wildfires have ventured into vacation and residential areas necessitating emergency evacuations.

Situations like this make us pause and think how prepared–or underprepared–we are. The thought of a knock on the door from an official issuing an evacuation order and the reality of having only a few moments to leave our homes would send a wave of panic over anyone. And the scary thing is that situations like this play out on a regular basis. Simply replace wildfires with hurricanes, floods, or blizzards and you get the idea.

Power outages are another example of how your day-to-day routine could be turned upside down in an instant. The recent heat wave in the East has left many without power. While in some instances, power is restored within a few hours, there are many times where entire neighborhoods are without power for days and even weeks.

The truth of the matter is that it is impossible to live in an area that is 100% immune from disasters.

Given that a natural or man-made disaster can turn your world upside down, the real question becomes:
Are you ready? Would you and your family be able to survive for two weeks? Two days? One day? While it is possible to survive for a short period without food, one has to ask, “Who would want to?”
Imagine being evacuated from your home and constantly wondering whether your home and belongings will be there once you return. That alone is a big worry occupying your mind. Now imagine you are placed in an evacuation center (nearest high school or community center) and add to the mix the how/when/what/where of trying to eat. Having to worry about food is another stressor to an already stressful situation. A stressor that a little forethought and planning can easily take away.

Imagine how even the worst situation might seem if you were able to quickly grab and go with a supply of food to take care of the basic and essential needs of your family.

So how do you go about taking care of your family’s food needs in the event of a disaster?

First you need to calculate how much you need per person for X amount of days. There are numerous resources to help accomplish this, but at the least, you will want to be sure that everyone has at a minimum one-balanced meal per day.

One thing to consider that gets glossed over too often is building your emergency food supply with something that actually tastes good. As was already discussed, any type of disaster will be a very stressful and worrisome time. A meal that is actually enjoyable to eat can be a real morale booster.
You will want foods that require no refrigeration or special preparation. In this case, dehydrated foods fit the bill very well. Dehydration is an excellent way to keep and preserve food. By removing the moisture, dehydration makes it so the microbes that spoil food are unable to thrive and the enzymes that lead to food deteriorating are inactivated.
Remember, a food emergency is not a matter of if, but a matter of when. If you have already begun preparing for a disaster, I applaud your diligence and commitment and encourage you in your efforts. If you have not, I challenge you to start today so when the knock comes on your door, you will be ready.

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