The Sugar Addict Inside of All of Us

While I had my parents visiting this weekend, I instantly became aware of one thing, their addiction to sugar. And while you may not know it, you too may also suffer from this very unhealthy addiction. You’re thinking, “Not me!” I don’t eat candy every day and I don’t drink sodas. Well, the thing with sugar is that it is in almost all American-consumed foods; from coffee creamer to granola bars, to bread products and so many others. It’s almost inescapable in our country! The keyword being, “ALMOST.”

Some of you may be thinking – if you’re like my parents – “Well, what else am I supposed to have if I can’t have cereal and toast for breakfast? How am I supposed to sweeten my coffee? Are you telling me I can’t ever have a cookie?” This is the addict – panicking and asking all these questions – and as a recovering sugar addict, I’m here to tell you that kicking the habit is a lot easier than you think. So easy in fact, that a mother had her entire family give up sugar for a year!

It seems this story came across me, just as I was battling my parents with their sugar addiction. What this woman did, with the support of her husband, was eliminate all sugar from the household. This sugar elimination included high fructose corn syrup, crystalline fructose, maple syrup, evaporated cane sugar, molasses, artificial sweeteners, and all other forms of sugar. However, with 2 young daughters, the family did allow one exception that contained a small amount of sugar, and once a month the family was able to have one dessert. As expected, she said it was difficult at first, but soon the family was cooking more foods at home and even added that some foods that used to look appealing began to look unpleasant. Overall, she said her family became healthier, adding less sick days and mild colds as some of the health benefits. You can read the full story, “Year of No Sugar: The Schaub Family Went Sugar Free For an Entire Year,”1 at

Initially, during my family’s visit, my dad had a panic attack upon arrival at my apartment. The first thing he did was open the refrigerator and I believe his exact words were, “You don’t have any food!” This was because I didn’t have any milk, bread, tortillas, cheese, or other food that he was used to. I had eggs, uncooked meat, vegetables and fruit, but because the food wasn’t prepared or prepackaged, he saw this as a challenge. For the rest of their visit, I cooked most of our meals at home. I added honey to his coffee instead of sugar, I made banana almond butter ice cream, and butternut squash hash for breakfast. By the end of their visit, they stopped asking for sugar in their coffee and toast with their breakfast; and that was only during their 4 day visit.

If my old fashioned, Mexican parents and the Schuab Family can kick the sugar habit, what’s stopping you? As the culprit of many health issues, including heart disease and obesity, eliminating sugar from one’s diet is almost necessary and with the adequate nutrients in your body, eliminating sugar will be easy! You can make sure your body is always equipped by having Beyond Tangy Tangerine® 2.0 – Stick Packs on hand no matter where you’re at!

Kick the sugar addict out! Prevention is the key.

 Rocio Ramos

Contributing Writer
Youngevity Marketing Team


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