Resveratrol Supplementation Could Lead to Improved Memory Function; Antioxidants for Cardiovascular Health, Anti-aging

For many years, Resveratrol has been praised and the topic of many nutritional headlines for its high antioxidants properties. It’s been suggested that Resveratrol could help protect the body against aging and many diseases; including heart disease, diabetes, and even obesity. While most of the studies conducted on the health benefits associated with the consumption of Resveratrol have mostly been conducted on test tubes and mice, a new research conducted using men and women has found that Resveratrol supplements have the potential to improve memory function in older individuals.

A recent study published in the Journal of Neuroscience stated that daily supplements containing Resveratrol may boost memory performance in association with improved glucose metabolism in older adults and increased functional connectivity of the hippocampus.1 There has already been other research conducted on the potential brain health benefits (such as boosting blood flow to the brain) associated with consuming Resveratrol, however, most of these studies didn’t dive into how it affected the actual cognitive performance of the brain; until now.

This new study randomly assigned 46 men and women, from the age of 50 to 75, to either receive a 200 mg daily dose of Resveratrol or a placebo. After 26 weeks, the participants were asked to take a series of memory tests and neuroimaging – techniques that image the structure and function of the brain. The results were compelling, showing significant improvement in word retention compared to the placebo group, decreased levels of hemoglobin – an indicator of excessive glucose in the blood – and a substantial increase in hippocampal functional connectivity – the hippocampus in the brain helps with memory forming, organizing and storing. These results gave scientists much to consider on the potential of Resveratrol supplementation; with more studies to be conducted soon.

Although for years, Resveratrol has been highlighted for its cardiovascular health benefits and anti-aging compounds, even thought to be responsible for the French paradox, the true potential of Resveratrol seems yet to be discovered. There is still so much more to learn about this powerful antioxidant and boosting one’s memory wouldn’t be a bad side effect. If you are looking to add a bit of Resveratrol into your diet, start with some of Youngevity's [ all natural health supplements ] Cell Shield RTQ™ which not only contains 200 mg of Resveratrol but also includes two other powerful antioxidants; Quercetin Dihydrate and Turmeric Root.

Start boosting your memory! Remember, prevention is the key!

Rocio Ramos, Contributing Writer

Youngevity Marketing Team


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