Step Into Your Destiny!  What Makes a Successful Home Business

A summary of a speech given by Dr. Corey Gold at the “Let’s Get Loud” Convention in Ontario, California.

If you had more money, what would it mean for you and your family?

Would you like to have more choices, more opportunity, more security, and more peace of mind? Would you like to go to bed at night and actually sleep? When your kids get straight A’s in school, would you like to believe you could send them to any college and not have to worry about the cost? Would you like to be debt-free? Would you love to own a car of your choice, not the religious car you pray will start in the morning? How many of you would like to earn more money so that you could be more generous?

When I joined network marketing 23 years ago I wanted those things. I was not trying to sell vitamins although I sold vitamins. I was not trying to sell face creams although I was selling face creams. I was trying to change my life! I have to admit something. When I went to my first network marketing meeting I thought everyone was crazy. They were optimistic and hopeful and joyful, and they ticked me off because I wasn’t any of those things!

The people were hugging and high fiving and they had their secret language and jackets and I didn’t know any of it. But I wanted what they had—meaningful relationships and a profound sense of teamwork.

Sometimes people tell me they’ve been in the company for many years and love the product, but they don’t have anyone in their organization or they’re not making any money. The reason for that is that the only thing they are selling is “ingredients.” If you would have come to me 23 years ago wanting to talk about “ingredients” I would have been out of there! Why? Because I was 26 years old and running marathons. I didn’t need vitamins! You wouldn’t be talking to what I was looking for. Some of you will show compensation plans and you think those numbers will mesmerize people. But guess what, they usually confuse people! To them, it looks like an actuarial table. But if you were to talk to me about changing my life, I would have been all ears, because that is what I wanted to do. I felt stuck and I wanted a solution. That’s what we do in Youngevity—we help people get “unstuck.” The reality is that there are lots of people out there that are waiting for you to tell them the magic words they are waiting for, like “I’ve got something that will help you make more money and give you the lifestyle you’re looking for.” That’s what will get their attention, but you have to step up and take ownership.

The computer at Youngevity keeps track of lots of things, but it doesn’t care about a lot of other things, like what color you are, where you went to college, or if you went to school at all. It doesn’t care whether you are a man or woman or what language you speak. The computer looks at one thing, and it’s a brutally honest thing—it’s your volume. Your intention, or whether or not you are a “good” person, doesn’t matter to the computer. Our job is to create volume, because that’s what we are paid on. Corporate’s job is to do everything else.

When someone reports to me that they are “full-time network marketers” but they are not making enough money, I start asking questions about what they are actually doing. Sometimes their responses reveal common traps that prevent them from moving forward in the business. For example, see if you the following scenario sounds familiar:

“I get up in the morning and listen to the Hair on Fire call and get so excited! Then I listen to the Daily Dose call, and get even more excited and inspired! Then I have something to eat and take my Youngevity products, and soon it’s time to listen to Dr. Wallach on the radio. After that sometimes I gather up all my essential oils and make some really cool secret blends for people I know. Then I have my gluten free meal and spend some time reading Doc’s books, highlighting the most important parts. In the evening it’s time to listen to more conference calls, because there’s a call almost every night of the week. After that it’s time to go to bed. That’s my Youngevity day.”

The problem is that this person is not in the Youngevity business; he or she is in the Youngevity University. If you are in the YGY University, I suggest you have a graduation party, because it’s time to throw that cap off and go into the real world! It’s time to get some work done. Some of you are thinking you are working when you’re really just having fun at a summer camp called, “Youngevity University, Where I’m Learning Everything About Everything That I’m Not Using.”

“Working” in network marketing is talking to a brand new person, preferably right in front of you. The reality is that a lot of the things we do are done to avoid what we really need to do. If you really want to change your life, you need to get after it! Your kids are growing. Your car is still a “holy” car. Everything that was bothering you yesterday needs you to fix it.

The very best thing I learned in life (it was also the hardest thing I learned) is that whenever I was not getting the results I was looking for, there was one person to blame—ME! I own it. I made the mistakes. The good thing is that when it’s not the world’s fault, I can work on ME. I can’t change the world, but I can change ME.

I would like to ask you to step up. I would like you to step into your destiny. I would like to ask you to do the things you’ve been afraid to do. Change is scary and it’s exciting! If it doesn’t scare you a little bit, and if it’s not exciting, it’s not worth doing. Changing your life for the better is everything that’s wonderful. You have the best business in the world so you need to go build a business. You need to quit playing around the edges. Have courage to bet on “you” and get out of your own way! 

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