Bring on the Java!  Natural Fair Trade Organic Coffee

There truly is nothing like that first sip of coffee in the early morning. Many of us need a few cups of coffee to get us through the day, while some of us really only drink our morning cup of Joe as a part of our daily ritual. Whatever the case may be, coffee is a staple in many cultures all over the world and there are many reasons why; that go beyond the boost in energy levels.

There are over 100 million coffee drinkers in the U.S. alone; that’s about 54% of American adults.1 Coffee is a part of our culture and daily routine for many. The great thing about coffee is that it boasts many health benefits, making the popular consumption of it highly acceptable. Some already known health benefits of coffee drinking include lowering your risk of developing diabetes, certain cancers, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s and other age-related, cognitive deteriorations. On top of which it’s also been found to help your body burn fat and improve energy levels. Plus, there are many others studies being conducted regularly on the increasing health benefits of drinking coffee.

One recent study conducted on mice at the Functional Food Center of the Korea Institute of Science and Technology in South Korea found that drinking coffee could potentially help prevent eyesight deterioration and blindness from retinal degeneration.2 As one of the most metabolically-active tissues, the retina requires high levels of oxygen in order to maintain proper function, because of this high demand for oxygen, it’s also susceptible to oxidative stress; which inevitably leads to tissue damage and, in some cases, loss of vision. However, previous studies on raw coffee have found that coffee contains CLA (chlorogenic acid), a strong antioxidant found to prevent retinal degenerating, according to a Cornell University study published in theJournal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry in 2013. In the study conducted in South Korea, mice were exposed to nitric oxide, which creates oxidative stress and free radicals that are harmful to the retina. The mice that were pretreated with CLA had no retinal damage.

In a society where coffee drinking is the norm, it’s exciting to learn of the many benefits which can come from the consumption of our favorite beverage. While the study on mice doesn’t provide any evidence that the same benefits would apply to humans, it still gives us a good indication of nutrients found in coffee; such as CLA. To give your body a dose of the benefits of coffee drinking, grab a bag of JavaFit™, which will not only provide you with the coffee beans you need to get your daily cup of Joe, but whose purchase also goes to fund our Be the Change Foundation. You’ll not only be giving your body an energy boost and health-enhancing benefits, but you will also help fund a great cause!

Don’t forget to grab a cup of JavaFit™ the next time you need a boost!  [or try our anti aging coffee ]

 Rocio Ramos, Contributing Writer

Youngevity Marketing Team

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