How to Become a Network Marketing Gladiator

Dr. Anthony Stroman

To become a gladiator you must become a “warrior” when it comes to your finances, your health, and your time. Here are 10 qualities that are required and they all start with the letter “C.”

1) Clarity – You must have a clear vision for your organization in 2015. You must focus on results, not just activity. Successful people get up in the morning and rewrite their goals. I’m not talking about the specifics—just the bullet points. For example, “I want to have 10,000 people in my group,” or “I want to earn a 6-figure income.” The best way to predict the future is to create it, and everyone has the God-given ability to do just that. At the end of the day, review your progress and be honest with yourself. “What did you do right? What can you do better tomorrow?”

2) Competence – You must operate with the spirit of excellence in everything you do. Both success and failure are predictable, depending on how well you follow network marketing principles. You must strive for the mentality and the mastery of a professional network marketer.

3) Concentration – Think of how you used to play with a magnifying glass as a kid. If you held it steady you could harness the power of the sun. You must have a sense of urgency—a bias for action. Time is your most precious commodity so you have to prioritize and get the important things done now! People who have had the ability to concentrate, like Henry Ford, Thomas Edison, and Bill Gates are the ones who get things done.

4) Conquering Attitude – Your mission should always be to dominate your area, whatever that might be. In the various groups in which you have influence (your community, workplace, church) everyone’s going to know about Youngevity.

5) Creativity – Deficiency is the shortage of creativity. God has blessed every one of us with creativity. The reason it’s a great idea to listen to conference calls and webinars is that it helps you tap into the creativity you already have inside of you. Here’s an example:

I was always talking about how to get more people to come to a home party, so I created a very simple flyer for the church community that was titled “How to Host a Health Education Fellowship.” I used the word “Fellowship” because the audience related to that term. I also mentioned the term “Pharmacogenetics,” which created curiosity. That word simply means that people have different genetic makeups and they respond to medicines and foods in different ways. But the result was that the response was phenomenal because it caught their eye!

6) Consideration – Relationships determine access and success. How well do you respect the people in your organization? Speaking for myself, I’d rather have more people skills than product knowledge. It’s very important to understand human nature and how to communicate with people. You must be a very good listener. That’s what consideration is all about. A survey revealed that 95% of employees who were fired were terminated because they could not get along with people. You must show love and respect to everyone in your organization, regardless of what they order per month.

7) Consistency –You must be steady and predictable in your work. If you are going to invite 50 people to a meeting, do that every week. Don’t have a “hit or miss” mentality. Don’t invite 50 one week, then 20 the next. I don’t care what that number might be. Just be consistent because how you do some things is how you do everything.

8) Commitment – You cannot get away from this. Diligence is the driving force of achievement. You cannot be lazy and expect to make money like the leaders in Youngevity. You must be loyal to your company and keep your commitment to your commitment. Mediocre people often wait “until they feel like it.” Successful people know that they need to do things even when they don’t feel like doing them. That’s the separating line.

9) Courage – We’re born with only two fears: the fear of falling, and the fear of loud noises. These two fears are part of the human DNA and have become a mechanism for survival, which is passed to new generations. The other fears – insects, high places, water, spiders, death, etc., are learned. It is okay to be nervous, that is a sign of growth. You must persist in the face of adversity. Don’t let anybody keep you from doing what you need to do. Feel the fear and do it anyway! That’s critical, because once you start doing the things you fear, you realize they weren’t so bad after all.

10) Confidence – If you do the preceding nine “C’s,” you will have confidence. You will develop a CBS (Core Belief System). It is all about results. Develop a success pattern in your life and act as though it is impossible to fail. The best thing to do when you sign someone up in Youngevity is to call someone else right away. You know why? Because your confidence is sky high! Your voice will be different because you feel terrific.

You have the five “Rights” in Youngevity. You have the right company, the right products, and the right people. Plus, you are in the right industry at the right time. It is time to be superior to your previous self. Hit the reset button. You have the opportunity in 2015 to become a network marketing gladiator. Go out there and build yourself an empire because riches are within your reach!

Dr. Anthony Stroman conducts seminars across the country with faith-based and community organizations, corporations, small businesses and non profits. He has appeared throughout the country on radio and television shows and focuses on helping people free themselves from the shackles of debt and poor health.

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