Youngevity has an amazing variety of FREE TOOLS for you to share your products and business to others as well as an incredible Resource System! 

  • You get an advanced and fantastic "FREE" website and store with your distributorship; see my DISTRIBUTOR SITE and STORE as examples
  • Check Out the RESOURCE CENTER which includes:
  • TRAININGHere is the New Distributor Orientation, the Compensation Information, QuickStart Training Videos,  Product and Training Webinar Videos, Business Slideshows, Business Presentation Booklets and more!
  • The amazing RESOURCES FOR BUSINESS area.  Here you'll find business forms, presentations, and much more to help you build your team.  
  • An incredible array of CONFERENCE CALLS covering all aspects of the Youngevity Business:  product updates, website and back office training, basic training calls, motivation calls, health calls, quickstart calls, daily power calls, opportunity calls for you to let others hear about the opportunity and much more- you have to see the list to believe it!
  • EVENTS and Meeting locators
  • Optional customizable TOOLS


  • Facebook Secret Group (ask questions, see events, access files, meet others)
  • Pharmcist Ben Fuchs Conference Calls
  • Dr. Corey Gold Conference Calls
  • Special "Dead Doctors Don't Lie" Radio Show Website- customers can search past show archives for health topics and purchase products right from the sight- all assigned to your own affiliate number!  This is in addition to the other website you get; see mine HERE.

Introducing the new Youngevity Resource Center

The information-packed Youngevity Resource Center has been completely reimagined, reorganized, and redesigned. And hopefully, simplified! Brytt Cloward and his Marketing Team have been busy for months working on the project, and the finished pages are online now. Just click “More” on the header of the Youngevity web site to open a drop down menu which will show a link to the Resource Center. You can also access it from a link in the footer of every web page.

By default, the Resource Center opens to the “News” page, which is a critical communication portal for distributors. Some of the more time-sensitive or important news items are featured in scrolling ads at the top, and then there are static “buckets” containing announcements grouped into categories. Below that are blog posts, which eventually become archived by category. This helps you filter information by topic. Of course, you can always use the search field if you are looking for something specific.

The Training section contains the following four subcategories:New Distributor Orientation – Links to helpful videos (including the Youngevity YouTube channel), Facebook groups, and basic company literature to help new distributors get off to a great start.Business Presentations – Literature downloads and media links that are great for opportunity meetings and social media sharing.Policies and Guidelines – Guidelines for operating a Youngevity business.

Notices and Memos – An archive for periodic posts from the home office.Under the “Resources” tab you’ll find a wealth of product information organized by category. This tiered format keeps the page simplifies both page the page and your search.In the Resources area you can also find business forms, flyers, and brochures. Many of these resources are updated periodically, so make sure you are using the latest version by checking the revision code on each file. This code indicates the month and year it was updated.Looking for a photo from a past Youngevity convention? Click on the Archives links and search through the extensive collection of professional event photos. If you attended the event there’s a good chance you’ll find yourself in the archive.

The next section is the “Calls” area. Youngevity must be the number one company in the industry when it comes to providing conference calls and webinars to the field. There are calls every day of the week! Find out about each one, so you can listen live, or scroll through the links to listen to the most recent recordings. You can view all past calls for each type of call in this area of the Resource Center. We recommend directing your new recruits to this page so they can get a crash course in Youngevity!

The “Events” tab will keep you in the know regarding any opportunities for training and motivation that will be coming your way. Of special note is the meeting locator functionality. If you are an SEMD or higher, you can submit information on a local meeting, and if it is approved by corporate, it will become part of the searchable database for everyone to see! Search by meeting type and state. Once the results are displayed, clicking on any of the meetings will bring up more information about location, time, and registration details. “Map View” pinpoints the location and you can even get driving directions from your home!

If you want to add a little excitement to your business, “Promotions & Recognition” is the place to visit. Here you can learn about the upcoming Top Achievers Club Trip, ongoing incentives, and social media awards (like Take-A-Pic Tuesdays, Deal Day Wednesdays, and Chocolate Fridays). Coming soon will be the Recognition section, which will show recent rank advancements and list all rank holders at the higher levels.

The last component is the YGY Mall. It’s an online store where you can purchase all types of logo wear, banners, and other branded items.

The best way to get acquainted with the new Resource Center is to explore it for yourself. Jump in and poke around. You’ll find helpful information and sales tools at every turn!

It's exciting to bring these incredible anti-aging vitamins, anti-aging supplements and anti-aging products to others!  and it's equally exciting to be able to present to you an affiliate legitimate home based business.

Success is NOT guaranteed at all; we make NO claims of income generation at all nor prize obtainment whatsoever.  Statements and examples are opinions (or theoretical examples) of individuals only and not representative.  Results, if any, will vary.  

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