It’s fairly surprising to me how much we can look past an overweight or obese child, but will take every measure to help an overweight adult. As a matter of fact, we push unhealthy food on children from birth. We give them candy to stop crying, reward their good behavior with a Happy Meal™, and give them dessert when they finish all the food on the plate; “You can’t have chocolate cake unless you finish your broccoli!” These eating habits are then carried on through adolescence and adulthood. As adults, we want dessert after our dinner and ice cream when we’ve had a bad day. It then becomes difficult to put the brakes on a lifestyle that has been implanted since birth, and though old habits die hard, we need to start creating new habits if we want to improve the health of our children.

Each year in the U.S., the month of September is recognized as National Childhood Obesity Awareness Month; a time to start making a difference in the health of children. According to the CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention), approximately 12.7 million children and adolescents aged 2 -19 years are obese.1 Immediate health concerns related with childhood obesity include risk factors for cardiovascular disease, prediabetes, bone & joint problems and sleep apnea. Long-term, obese children are more likely to become obese adults, and will likely develop cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, osteoarthritis and other metabolic-related illnesses. A 2005 study published in Pediatrics, found that children who became obese as early as 2 years of age were more likely to become obese adults.2 The good news is that childhood obesity is 100% preventable.

By instilling healthy habits in children, they can grow up to be healthy adults. Though we live in a world where unhealthy food is easily accessible and available at a low cost, even the smallest changes can improve the health of children.

A few changes you can make…

  • Get rid of junk food and sweets in the cabinets. If it’s not there, children won’t eat it.
  • Remove all sugary drinks and sodas from their diets and encourage them to drink plenty of water.
  • Add more fruits & vegetables and deli meats as snacks.
  • Keep their screen time low and increase their physical activity levels.

It can be very difficult for a parent with a full-time job to create healthy meals for their children, but if you can at least eliminate unhealthy foods, that’s a great first step. Also, think back to how you spent your time as a kid. There were no iPads and Xboxes, just a backyard and a swing set. Encourage your kids to move more and have fun without the use of technology. Plus, don’t forget to supplement their diets with essential nutrients found in Strawberry Kiwi-Mins™, which can even be used as a tasty snack!

Keep your children active and healthy! Prevention is the key!Rocio Ramos

Contributing Writer and Fitness Instructor1http://www.cdc.gov/obesity/data/childhood.html

Strawberry Kiwi-Mins™

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