The Anti-aging Benefits of Carnosine

Carnosine (L-carnosine), a naturally occurring combination of two amino acids, may be one of the most fast acting and effective anti-aging nutrient available.  But what is L-carnosine, what are the benefits of carnosine and what is there a relationship with carnosine and aging?

Studies suggest that in aging senescent cells, carnosine may actually reverse the signs of aging!  Senescence cells are in the stage just before death wherein the cell is alive but mostly not functional.  In Australia, there were some astounding experiments that suggested carnosine rejuvenates senescence cells!  Cells cultured with carnosine lived longer and kept a more youthful appearance and growth patterns than those without.  This is truly remarkable.  The study consistently observed that the carnosine helped revive cells and increase cellular lifespan.  The increase in cell life as an astounding 300%!

A study on mice given carnosine in Russia showed that the mice given carnosine were twice as likely to reach their potential maximum lifespan as those that were not given carnosine.  The treated mice also looked much younger with young, glossy coats in old age.  

A Russian study on mice subsequently showed that mice given carnosine are twice as likely to reach their maximum lifespan as untreated mice. Carnosine also significantly reduces the outward "signs of old age."  58% of the mice treated with carnosine behaved youthfully in old age compared to only 9% that were untreated.

A major factor in the aging process is glycation which is the uncontrolled reaction of sugars with proteins.  Since the body is mostly made of proteins, anything that causes protein deterioration has a dramatic impact on the body's look and functionality.  It is one of the factors in destructive changes as we age such as wrinkling skin, cataracts, destruction of our nervous system, etc.  Carnosine appears to be effective against these protein modifications in studies.  It aids in longevity and anti-aging by helping protect cellular proteins from damage by working as an antioxidant and bonding with destructive groups that left alone would attack proteins.

Carnosine may also prevent alzheimer's disease, suppress excess immune responses in weak immune systems, promote healthy brain wave functions, assist with wound healing, help in preventing and repairing biochemical alterations and morphologic damage in the liver caused by exposure to alcohol, protect your brain and more.

Read more about the wonderful benefits of carnosine in this terrific article by Jon Barron of the "Baseline of Health Foundation" called "Still the Best for Anti-Aging." (from which the above information was derived)

In an article appearing in "NaturalNews" by John Phillip, it is stated that "A growing number of forward-thinking scientists refer to carnosine as an "anti-aging dipeptide", capable of defending against cardiovascular disease, stroke, diabetes, cognitive decline, and dementia."

They state that carnosine is more than just a potent cellular antioxidant.  It helps limit glycation.  Glycation, as mentioned above, is one age factor in which there is an abnormal linking of proteins with glucose or lipids.  Carnosine helps with this to prevent injury to organ structures and tissues.  This may protect against heart disease, stroke, dementia, cardiovascular performance and susceptibility to cancer.  

Carnosine may protect against a first stroke and also lower damage caused by a stroke, as published in the journal "Cellular Physiology and Biochemistry."  It may also protect against heart attacks by helping prevent loss of blood flow to the heart.

Carnosine binds with zine in the brain and appears to help protect against the development and progression of cognitive decline in Alzheimer's disease.

Doctor's Word

Dr.Oz has a video on his website with the bold title of "Miracle Pill to Stop Aging" in which he asks, "How much would you pay for a pill that takes your body back 10 years."  The website goes on to say that revolutionary new research says that a pill of carnosine can help keep your skin smooth, improve your eyesight and help you stay energized and that is could be the anti-aging breakthrough people have been waiting for!

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