Adaptogen Anti-Aging Supplement Research

Adaptogens or adaptogenic substances, herbs or compounds are said to decrease cellular sensitivity to stress or in technological terms, they seem to promote stabilization of physiological processes and the "promotion of homeostasis."

The European Medicines Agency and the FDA accept the phenomena of adaptogens theoretically although the exact processes and compounds are not sanctified.

Some claim that adaptogens are powerful anti-aging agents that increase longevity, well-being, libido, vitality and more.  Although not recognized by the FDA, some claim that adaptogens can help treat cancer, fatigue and and wide variety of other health concerns.

Proponents say that adaptogens are effective because certain herbs may increase the bodies own response to oxidative stress.

On the website, Melanie Grimes writes that adaptogens are plants that research shows help control stress in the body, helping to maintain homeostasis and balance in the hormonal and endocrine systems.

When a human is under stress, the body sends out hormones to stimulate the fight or slight survival mechanism. Under constant stress, the adrenals may give out and the body can no longer perform flight or fight.

Russian scientists, discovered that certain plants had the ability to resist biological and chemical stressors.  These plants seemed to have the ability pass on to humans their own ability to adapt to change.  One example would be Ginseng.

The ability to perform mental and physical work may be enhanced by adaptogens.  Studies seem to indicate that they help the body to handle stress.


Dr.Oz's website has an article by Dr.Holly Lucille which stat's that it's imperative help ease the damage created by chronic stress.  She states that adaptogens are certain plants that have and ability to help stabilize the "hypothalamus-pituitary-adrenal axis" which means that it helps you deal with the different stressors in your every day life.  "Adaptogens increase the body’s natural resistance to stress."

The article states that Rhodiola (an ingredient in our Renu IQ product) is an "amazing herb" that can improve concentration, increase energy, calmness and boost mental energy.

In clinical studies, it was shown to enhance physical stamina and enhance concentration.  

One double-blind, placebo-controlled study showed that rhodiola helped in fighting fatigue; another study suggested that participants using rhodiola had improved physical fitness, had less mental fatigue and seemed to enjoy better overall well-being.  It was shown to be "amazingly effective at reducing acute stress."

Dr. Frank Lipman ( calls adaptogens "Nature's Miracle Anti-Stress and Fatigue Fighters."  He says that thought the effects are subtle, "they're real and undeniable" and have been used in Indian and Chinese Ayurvedic medicine for centuries to help handle stress and to boost energy.  He adds that several recent studies found evidence to support that adaptogens offer positive benefits and are safe using long-term.

He writes that they can both boost your energy while at the same time calm you down, acting somewhat like an internal body balancing thermostat.  They counteract the effects of stress by supporting adrenal functions.

Adaptogens appear to be another possible significant addition to the anti-aging product line.

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