Sorting Through the Best Nutritional Supplements.  These Are Our Opinions on where to START*

[* We emphasize that the website owners are NOT health care professionals and offer no advice of any kind.  Always consult with your own doctors before taking any supplements, diet or exercise program.  See other disclaimers/ warnings below.]

Our opinion is that the true start to health, vitality and anti-aging/ longevity starts with diet and that the best diet consists of plenty of fresh, raw vegetables and fruit.  God or nature created us to thrive on freshly picked items that are  alive and naturally created.  One should try to incorporate as much organic food that their budgets can realistically afford.  Overeating should be avoided; one should eat only as much as necessary.  One should avoid toxic junk food and processed food as much as possible.  We at anti-aging ultra believe that sugar/fructose is one of the greatest dangers to our diet and the major contributor to obesity and hypertension.  Dr.Wallach has a list of Good Foods and Bad Foods that is worth looking at (but consult with your doctor).  

You also need regular exercise which circulates the blood and helps eliminate toxins (consult your doctor).  

We also recommend a good water filter for not only your drinking water but in your shower.

We felt that we would be remiss if we did not mention this information but there are plenty of websites and books that cover those issues.  One of the best is  Now we get to the scope our of our website..... advanced nutrition and anti-aging natural supplements.  

"This one sentence has killed more Americans than all of the wars that we've had in the 220 years that we've been a nation: You get all the nutrition you need from the food groups and taking vitamins just gives you expensive urine," is a quote from Dr.Joel Wallach, founder of YOUNGEVITY.  

Our top menu bar lists from left to right what believe are important supplement topics. We believe the very base, foundation of anti-aging supplementation begins with advanced anti-aging vitamin and mineral nutrition.  Others believe it's detox; still others structural balance (consult your doctor).  The fact is, we do not have all the essential nutrition we need from the food we consume, especially in the U.S., because much of the farmland has stripped of the vitamins and minerals that we need due to over farming and other factors.  Sections 1 & 2 below are the most essential and vital to your health, in our non-professional opinion.

1. Basic Nutrition

We recommend you begin with the "Healthy Start Pak."  The Healthy Start Pak is the basic pack that contains all of Dr. Joel Wallach's recommended essential 90 vitamin and minerals.  It's that easy- all of the most important basics in one pak! If you have a specific health concern or bodily area you want to focus on, we recommend that you go a step further and instead, get one of the other specific Paks:  Healthy Weight Loss, Bone and Joint, Blood Sugar, Heart and Brain, Athletic Performance, Healthy Digestion or Anti-aging.  Most pages have videos with more information, so check them out to see what they have to offer. Dr. Peter Glidden recommends that you also take this wonderful FUCOIDAN product along with the basic paks.  We recommend that you start using one of these paks as your base supplementation, even if you can not pursue anything else on this site.  Vitamin/ Minerals are 3rd Party Tested and Certified by the Prestigious NSF International.  Fish Oils 3rd Party Tested and Certified by the Prestigious by the International Fish Oil Standards Program.  Learn More about the Certifications.  This is optimum natural nutrition.

2. Best Detox Cleanse

The close second most important thing to consider, in our opinion, for health and vitality is healthy detox cleanse. The amount of toxins in our food, water and air is outrageous and out of control.  The need for cleansing out our internal systems is vitally important.  We recommend that you do one of each, with some time in between depending on what your health practitioner recommends.  A great, simple detox cleanse is the Suero 3 Day Whey Cleanse; it's a good one to start with.  We have several very informative videos on these cleanses HERE.  Some anti-aging doctors think a LIVER cleanse is the most important.  Others feel that disease starts in the COLON and doing a good colon cleanse is essential.  We also have a general DETOX cleanse and a great HERBAL BOTANICAL product that may help keep the body cleansed with more regular use.  Cleansing, together with getting the proper nutrition, are the most important elements, in our opinion, regarding healthy anti-aging supplementation.

3. Antioxidants

More and more people are learning about the incredible anti-aging properties of antioxidants!  Just look at some of the DATA we have provided.  Resveratrol, tumeric and quercetin are amazing antioxidants and we offer them together in one amazing supplement called CELL SHIELD, our most highly recommended antioxidant supplement.  Dr. Oz has some explosive quotes about carnosine on his website.  You can read them HERE and get our own carnosine product, AGE-LESS.  We also have a wonderful, BLUEBERRY based product.

4. Hormone Balance Supplements

Hormone support is absolutely vital, in our opinion, as you get older.  We believe the best way to support hormones are to aid the body to produces more of it in the proper balance.  We have an incredible amino acid, mineral hormone support product; watch the video and learn more; this is our top recommended hormonal support product.  In addition we have an additional WOMEN'S support supplement and MENOPAUSE support as well as hgh supplements.

5. Proper Weight 

Maintaining the proper weight for your body size and type is also one of the most important things you will ever do for your health, vitality and longevity.  We believe in having a proper lifestyle and maintaining a correct, natural diet over the long term is the best way to do it.  We have some advanced, healthy WEIGHT LOSS PRODUCTS that can kick start you in the right direction. 

Those are our top recommendations.  We realize and understand that much depends on a person's income.  We believe that having a positive attitude is also helpful in maitaining health and longevity.  So only purchase what you feel you can afford comfortably.  Maintaining proper, healthy weight is a significant anti-aging factor.

Special Note for Those on an Extreme Budget  

While we recommend the basic "Healthy Start Pak" for most people's general use (unless they want a pak more specific to their needs), we realize some people find themselves on a very extreme budget.  In this case, we recommend that you at the very least try the Beyond Tangy Tangerine 2.0 vitamin and mineral powder.  This is the core of all the Paks.  Watch the VIDEO to see why it's so important.   If you simply can't afford anything else, start with this.  

More Essentials  

We encourage you to explore all the other wonderful anti-aging natural nutritional supplements on our site as we are passionate about all the products.   Depending on your income, we would then further suggest you look at the items under our "Essentials" section of our menu bar.  Many of these are included in one, several or all of the Paks we suggested above.  This includes OMEGA Fatty Acids, OSTEO bone and join support, GLUCOSAMINE.  They can be purchased individually. Also under the "Essentials" section are these other exciting products:  the already mentioned FUCOIDAN product that is useful in general for most adults, an incredible virus and bacteria KILLER, COLLOIDAL SILVER, PROBIOTICS, a great SLEEP AID (sleep being an extremely important component of good health and any anti-aging protocol) and more.  Don't forget to get the proper, specialized nutrition for your CHILDREN to get them off with the proper building blocks they need, and the anti-aging, incredible supplement for your DOGS and PETS (see the videos to understand why we think we have the most qualified doctor ever to create an animal supplement!).  Also, for those whom are already into advanced anti-aging supplementation and know about TELOMERES, check out our incredibly exciting cellular support supplement, IMMORTALIUM (and read about the telomere award-winning work)! NEW- check out our Beta d Glucan immune support supplements.

Natural Makeup, Organic Facial Skin Care, Spa and Body Lotions

We also can not stress enough how important it is for women to get away from all the awful mainstream makeup and facial products that are popular because they are full of all kinds of harmful toxins!  We have what we passionately is the very best natural beauty products and mineral MAKEUP on the market.  In our opinion, we have some of the most exciting anti-aging FACIAL products ever developed as well as healthy shampoos and exciting SPA products.  You definetly will want to switch to these healthy, natural alternatives because toxin you put on the skin go right into your blood stream and pollute your organs and actually age you!  Ladies, our products are the best natural alternatives.  Try them and tell all your friends!

We believe that health is EVERYTHING.  Anything else in life you can go after once you have your health established or you are at least on the road and doing your best to be healthy.  Your health is your most important asset and as such, it's the most important investment you will ever make for you and your family.  You pay now or you pay later as your health deteriorates.  The choice is an obvious one and you can't let others decide for you.  

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