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2016- Time to do a Detox Cleanse and Boost the Brain!
December 28, 2015

Hello friends,

We are days away from 2016 and I'm very excited about the new year! In my opinion- it's a good idea to do a great detox once in a while as well as some regular cleansing. During the holidays, we often gorge on fattening, sugary, chemical-laden foods and a detox cleanse is essential. For that reason, I've already order my Beyond Organic Suero Cleanse Gold 3 Day Detox. Why is this product so great? There is a wealth of information on this page including an intro video and some detailed, in depth videos on this product here: I've also got a good regular cleanse product, Herbal Rainforest, on order to round it out. Listen to the very brief message from Dr. Wallach about this herbal cleanse here and see a list of all the wonderful herbs it contains:

I'm also super excited to share with you the news of Youngevity's new Brain Booster Support Supplement. It's truly one of a kind and packed with so many incredible brain support ingredients- I can't list them here. Check out all the details on the ingredients and why they are so special. This is VITAL. I wrote a new article on the blog (with short vid):

If you haven't got your 90 for life Essential vitamin and mineral pack yet.... huh? WHy not?! It's the foundation. Check it out right away here:

Happy New Year!

Shannon D. Smith

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