Why We Love May!

May might very well be my favorite month (and it’s not my birthday month if that’s what you’re wondering). The reason why I love May so much friends, and why you should too, is because it’s the perfect time of the year for outdoor activities. Earlier sunrises and later sunsets create the perfect settings for morning runs, afternoon hikes, sunset bike rides or really any outdoor activity. Which is why May is the month that you want to kick your physical activity into high gear; also, it’s National Physical Fitness and Sports Month.

I know we’re more than half way into May, but there’s still plenty of time to step up your physical activity level. Team Youngevity has participated in two races this month and has a half marathon lined up at the end of May! What are you doing to be more physically active? Do you have any outdoor activities planned for Memorial Day weekend? This upcoming 3-day weekend is the perfect chance to schedule a fun, physical experience.

Here are a few suggestions to get you and your family active this Memorial Day weekend:

  • Sign up for a local 5k. Your entire family can run or walk and participate in the post-race festival which usually includes music, food and prizes. Check out www.active.comfor activities near you.
  • Schedule a picnic that includes sporting activities like a game of tag, Frisbee tosses or just throwing the football around.
  • Go on a fun, long bike ride. Explore your neighborhood, ride to the local froyo shop, and most importantly, breathe in fresh air and enjoy being outdoors.
  • Get some family friends and/or your neighbors together for a pickup game of basketball, baseball, soccer or any other favorite sport.
  • Take your weekend to the water. From paddleboarding to beach volleyball to just swimming, enjoy the beach, lake or even the pool, for some great water activities.

With today’s busy schedules, it’s hard to get the family together to partake in physical activities. Give your Memorial Day weekend a physical boost by getting your entire family active. Also, remember to keep some Rebound fx™ handy to keep everyone healthy and energized. You can keep on-the-go stick packs handy or grab a can of Citrus Fusion before you head out for your weekend excursions. Stay active, energized and healthy this Memorial Day weekend!

Remember, prevention is the key!

Rocio Ramos
Contributing Writer and Fitness Instructor

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