Healthy Body Brain and Heart Pak: All Natural Nutrition

This anti-aging natural multivitamin and mineral supplement pack is specifically formulated to support and promote healthy healthy brain and cardiovascular function. Each pack provides broad spectrum foundation nutrition and includes Beyond Tangy Tangerince 2.0 Citrus Peach Fusion - 480g canister (1), EFA PLUS- 90 soft gels (1), Beyond Osteo-fx powder-357g Canister (1), Ultimate EFA (1) and Selenium (1).
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Check out this exciting video below explaining this anti-aging product pack; includes independent, Dr.Glidden's explanation on why your body must have these nutrients and why Youngevity's are the best optimum natural nutrition that money can buy:

Your heart is what gives you life, so taking care of it should be the first thing on your list. Transporting much needed oxygen and nutrition to your entire body and it systems makes the heart the central point for absolute health. Therefore, the disease of the heart is not something that should be ignored. Heart disease can strike the young and old, the most fit to the couch potato, and most importantly to those that are not watching the types of foods and nutrients they are putting in their system. Heart Disease is the leading cause of death among men and women, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, someone in America has a coronary event every 25 seconds.  

There has also been a strong correlation between heart and brain health. Much of this has to do because the treatment of the heart, with lifestyle, activity, and nutrient consumption directly relates to care or abuses of the neural pathways of the brain. The health of the brain is critical. Its health affects everything you do from thinking to working to sleeping. An "unhealthy" brain can affect your entire life and cause issues with energy, recovery, and development.

As you get older your brain may lose some of the agility and speed that it once possessed. With lack of care, it can deteriorate even further and the "wires" begin to fray and lose conductivity. When this happens, valuable information cannot be processed and delivered from the brain to the body, causing stoppages and blocks in processing. The control center of the body is unable to deliver the messages from the brain to the rest of the body. Your thoughts, how you move your body, and how well you learn and remember things are deeply affected.

Our Daily Multivitamin Body Benefits.  The anti-aging product- Youngevity®'s Body Brain and Heart Pak™ is a specially designed nutritional supplement program that provides the body with the ultimate 90 essential nutrients, 90 For Life™, along with Youngevity® Award Winning Ultimate™ Selenium complex. Ultimate™ Selenium contains the most widely and documented trace mineral, selenium, a super antioxidant that helps to rid the heart and brain of damaging free radical stress.  It'a a vital anti-aging nutrient.  Vitamins for a healthy heart support.

Providing a solid foundation is key in the maintenance and performance of the heart and brain. Therefore the Healthy Body Brain and Heart Pak™ starts with the "Mighty 90" essential nutritional supplements, the 90 For Life™. 90 For Life™, the (3) essential products of each of our Healthy Pak's, provides the body the basic and fundamental building blocks to ensure maximum saturation of any deficiencies that arise through diet, stress, and previous abuses of the brain and heart. The proprietary blend of anti-aging vitamins, minerals, fruits, vegetables, essential oils, and hundreds of other nutrients supports the bodies systems and organs so they can not only properly function but also repair and recover from the stresses individuals place on their body.  Some people search for multivitamins with minerals folic acid- we have that and so much more.  These are the best multivitamins and the best natural supplement money can buy, in our opinion.

Ultimate™ Selenium contains a blend of the power vitamin antioxidants Vitamin A, C, and E, along with protective, natural antioxidant foods - Aloe Vera, Bilberry Fruit, and Vandium. These antioxidants are then combined with the powerful trace minerals of Copper, Chromium, and the superstar Selenium. Selenium is one of the most documented and widely studied trace minerals. Its function has been valued in the prevention and protection of cancers to diabetes.  Incredible anti-aging natural supplement power.  Get Natural nutritional supplements today.

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  • Youngevity® Clinical Research Studies Were Performed by Clemson University – Institute of Nutraceutical Research with Astounding Results that you can READ HERE

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