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We help you understand, find and obtain all of your families multivitamin supplements, anti-aging natural supplements and other natural wellness products- all in one spot- easily organized.

Our belief at Anti-Aging Ultra is that investing in your health with conscious effort to obtain or retain vitality every day, right now, also supports and enhances the possibilities of longevity.  This anti-aging goal is not just a concern for possible longevity itself but more importantly, for quality of life right now so that you might keep doing the things you love to do longer.  It's the best and most important investment you could ever make for yourself and your family.  Health always comes first.  When we found Youngevity, we felt we found the very best multi-vitamins ever created.

We believe that in this search for wellness and anti-aging, often the most simple basics of anti-aging principles are forgotten and at the same time advanced anti-aging protocols are not sought out.  As stated elsewhere on this site, we believe the very base, foundation of anti-aging begins with advanced anti aging multivitamins (provided you also maintain an optimum, healthy diet which includes a lot of fresh organic food and limits any processing/ packaged food as well as regular exercise).  It is out opinion that we do not have all the essential nutrition we need from the food we consume, especially in the U.S., because much of the farmland has stripped of the vitamins and minerals that we need due to over farming and other factors. 

Put simply, the most basic anti-aging principle of all begins with diet and especially nutrition, quickly followed by proper detox cleansing.  Then we would add hormonal support.  Next would be cell-support, most often in the form of antioxidants.  There is also a wealth of other essential anti-aging nutritional supplements that are highly advisable including Omega Fatty Acids, Calcium (along with the often neglected co-factors that are needed for it to be fully utilized) and selenium based on your needs.  In addition, there are plenty of other wonderful and exciting anti-aging and vitality supplements to consider including probiotics, prebiotics, Vitamin D, fucoidan, fiber, green super foods, herbs and so much more.  

The mission of Anti-Aging Ultra is a simple yet vast one.  To bring cutting edge, advanced natural nutritional supplements and wellness products to the masses that not only promote anti-aging and longevity, but health and vitality right now.

Our mission is to make it easier for you to obtain these anti-aging nutritional supplements in one location, in a clearly organized manner and with defined recommendations to help you sort through the offerings.  We have also compiled and provided videos with a wealth of information on products whenever possible.  Our START page lists what we believe is the most important considerations in regards to anti-aging supplementation with links to each products. In addition, our top menu bar lists from left to right what believe are the most important supplement topics in order of importance.

Our website, www.anti-agingultra.com, was created by our founder, Shannon D. Smith, with these goals in mind. Shannon is not a doctor nor a health professional of any kind but he does passionately believe in seeking out health and vitality through what is called "alternative" medicine that uses natural means to work with the body.  This journey began nearly 20 years ago when he first read "Back to Eden" by Jethro Kloss and happened upon Gary Null programs on public television concerning longevity and health through natural means.  This was just the beginning.

You don't know what you don't know is an old and wise saying.  This is very true in regards to health, anti-aging products, nutritional supplementation and the health industry.  We encourage you to do your own research in the areas of protocols for nature health, anti-aging and we provide you with some exciting videos throughout this site to get started.

We have searched for the ultimate vitamin and mineral complex for over 15 years.  We think we have finally found it and with good reason- as seen on this Video, we believe it is the "Beyond Tangy Tangerine 2.0".  We believe Youngevity is possibly the finest natural nutritional supplement company in existence due to the resume, passion of Dr. Wallach; the commitment of the company to science; the quality of the plant derived minerals they use and the high quality standards they adhere to and the grass roots effort they employ for users to tell others about the company and share in the profits.  We are proud to bring you these fine anti-aging vitamins and other anti-aging supplements.

Shannon lives in the Washington, D.C. area with his wife, Kaori (from Japan) and his two children, Julian and Sean.  He is also a singer/songwriter, the author of two books and an investor in green energy.  He invites you to join him on the journey to health, vitality and longevity and if you are so interested, to also join him in the promotion of these products to help everyone we can to also become healthier and perhaps make a bit of extra money doing so.


Shannon is the creator/owner of cheatyourage.com.  The products range from a truly instant wrinkle reducer product, "Instantly Ageless" (you've got to see the videos to believe it!), an adult stem cell growth factor serum called "Cellular Rejuvenation Serum" (truly cutting edge science that really works!) and what Shannon believes is the best anti-aging supplements on the market, which includes the only known patented nutrient shown to lengthen short telomeres in humans called Finiti, a very important product.  That site sells Jeunesse Global products exclusively which includes the Luminesce Skin Care Line.  


Shannon has written 2 life changing books.  His classic and most important work is titled "How to Create Your Own Happiness:  the Complete Guide."  Highly recommended for everyone and anyone as they explore tips, old and new, on creating a life worth living.  The other work is called "How to Create a Happier and More Fulfilling Marriage." Having been married 26 years, Shannon is well qualified in this area.  Shannon is also an extremely gifted songwriter and his other book is titled "Strum, Hum and Write Your Own Songs."  They can be found by clicking HERE.


You can see Shannon in Terry Bradshaw's program "Today in America" commenting on the Smart Emissions Reducer, created by a company he supports, Extreme Energy Solutions, by clicking HERE.

antiagingultra.com's Founder, Shannon D. Smith:

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