3 Things You Should Eliminate From Your Diet Today!*

After spending a few days with my parents, it has become even clearer to me that the majority of the population has no idea that the “food” they are consuming on a daily basis, is making them sick. Not only that, but they’re unaware of the power that these foods hold over them. While most individuals will not want to admit that they are addicted to sugar, I’m willing to bet that over 90% of Americans are. How could they not be? To start, our country is run by multi-billion dollar companies who are doing everything in their power to ensure you continue to eat their sugary, highly-processed and inflammation-promoting products; products that are bodies our not even built to digest.

The first step in truly grasping why sugary, processed food products are so damaging to your health, is to look at the genetic makeup of human beings. Our bodies were made to thrive off of plants, animals and other natural food sources that early humans were able to gather from the land millions of years ago. It wasn’t until the dawn of civilization that we began to cultivate grains and legumes; which was the first introduction of foods that are foreign to the human diet. Now, we mass produce grains, vegetable oils, pasteurized dairy, sugar and other foods our bodies are simply not made to consume; let alone digest and utilize. That’s right. Your body is not built to drink sodas or eat bags of potato chips and bowls of cereal.

Perhaps the most detrimental assailants to our daily diets are: sugar, grains and refined, highly polyunsaturated vegetable oils.

Sugar: The American Heart Association recommends that children keep their daily added sugar consumption to 3 to 8 teaspoons a day, however, the daily added sugar consumption for children 4-8 years old is 21 teaspoons, while teenagers are consuming about 34 teaspoons a day.1 Sugar is highly inflammatory to the body and is perhaps the biggest culprit of obesity, cancer, heart disease, diabetes and accelerated aging.

Grains: We do NOT need grains in any form, for nutrients. They deliver high amounts of unnecessary carbohydrates (healthy levels can be obtained from fruits and vegetables) that spike your insulin levels. Additionally, grains contain high amounts of gluten, lectin and phytates which are difficult for the body to digest, overwhelming the digestive system and leading to many health problems.

Refined High Polyunsatured Vegetable Oils: Not only are these used by most household and fast-food places for cooking, but they’re found in almost every processed snack, baked good and frozen foods. Probably even more dangerous than sugar, these oils oxidize to form free radicals, which damage cells throughout the body and the tissues in many vital systems in the body, including the cardiovascular and immune system.

Looking back at my childhood and early adulthood, I can tell you that most of my diet included sugar, grains and refined vegetable oils. Now, I see many adults who are my age and older, and I can directly see the effects that their previous and current food choices have had on their health. Though I am not completely immune to the addiction of these food products, I’ve made a very conscious effort to rectify my previous food choices and also keep these particular food products at very moderate levels.

By adding an abundance of foods that your body is meant to thrive on, and eliminating these 3 harmful items from your diet, you can truly benefit from optimal health; minimizing your risk of chronic illnesses that are so common in the world today. Focus on nourishing your body and not harming it, by adding Youngevity’s Plant Derived Minerals™ to your diet. These 77 minerals, necessary for a variety of functions in the body, are extracted from ancient, mineral-laden plants which deliver a rich supply of essential nutrients. Though we cannot always avoid harmful food products, we can do our best to add nutrients we are lacking in our diets.

Do your best to eliminate harmful food products from your diet. Remember, prevention is the key and remember too that you should consider seriously adding the proper, natural vitamins / minerals!

Rocio Ramos
Contributing Writer and Fitness Instructor


* Of course this is not to be taken as professional health advice; consult your own doctor before making any changes to your diet

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