The Youngevity Mission

What if you could wake up each day full of energy and vitality, with that unmistakable glow of radiant good health, abundant possibilities and ample prosperity? That’s what Youngevity is all about and as independent distributors, that's what Anti-Aging Ultra is all about too!  

We exist to deliver all natural health supplements, the best detox, the best anti aging vitamins and healthy lifestyle solutions for you, so you can more easily meet the often overwhelming demands of modern living. 

Vitamin/ Minerals are 3rd Party Tested and Certified by the Prestigous NSF International.

Fish Oils 3rd Party Tested and Certified by the Prestigious by the International Fish Oil Standards Program.

90 For Life™

Dr. Wallach discovered that the body requires 90 essential minerals and nutrients to fully function. With these nutrients the body can avoid, and even reverse, many of today’s pressing health concerns.

However, nutrients are only as good as your body’s ability to absorb them. Youngevity’s core “90 For Life” products, specifically designed for ideal absorption, ensure that your body has the all natural nutrients it needs to perform at its optimum level so you feel younger, have more energy and live longer.  Are multivitamins worth the money?  They are only if they are highly absorb-able, natural and of advanced quality. These are natural supplements you should take everyday.

Life-Enhancing Products

Youngevity's core products include the world's most advanced and all natural nutritional supplements including what we believe is the best multivitamin daily supplement packs, healthy best detox cleanses, anti-aging natural supplements and other natural nutritional products.  Today, Youngevity enjoys an ever-expanding network of quality brands that now includes, premium natural coffees, essential oils, natural mineral makeup, organic beauty products and the best anti aging skin products, gourmet on-the-go foods, realistic health weight loss, and many others. Customers can order through our Secure online store or call a real person.  

"Youngevity's high quality health and wellness products are in sync with what I believe to be the foundation of a long and healthy life."


Best Selling and Featured Products from Our SECURE Online Store

Healthy Body Start Pak- the World's Most Advanced Vitamin/ Mineral Complex

Brain Enhancement Booster

SueroViv Powerful 3 Day Detox Cleanse, best detox

ZRadical- Fucoidan benefits:  See Why You Need It

Selenium- See Why Its Such an Essential Vital Element for Health

Cell Shield RTQ- 3 Powerful Antioxidants Together:  Resveratrol Turmeric and Quercetin

Waterless Vitamin C Cream- reduces the visible signs of aging, fine lines, and wrinkles

HGH Youth Complex Amino Acid Hormone Support

Imortalium- telomere length support supplement, IMORTALIUM, which takes advantage of the latest, Nobel prize winning Telomere Award-Winning Work

Pro Hormone Supplements, Natural hormone supplements. Specific for Men. Specific for Women

24K Gold Mask with Pearl Facial

Beta d Glucan-  Amazing Immune System Booster

Are you next? Your Own Home Business

“To save America, we need to build an Army…and we’ll pay you a ridiculous amount of money to help!” -Dr. Wallach

Dr. Wallach knew that to positively impact the health of the world he needed to start an unstoppable movement.

Already familiar with the power of relationship marketing and direct sales, Dr. Wallach decided that Youngevity would invite in a premiere network-marketing company to complete the picture. This powerful combination proves that our success is attainable as we help other people attain purposeful lives with their own home business startup.  It's one of the best home based business ideas. (This is totally optional, of course; without any hassles or pressure to pursue)

Joel D. Wallach, BS, DVM, ND

Youngevity’s Founder

Lots of people dream about changing the world, but very few ever try it — let alone do it. Dr. Joel Wallach’s relentless 45-year pursuit of scientific truth, and his persistent willingness to challenge the status quo, has enriched the lives and improved the health and well-being of millions of people.

WE SUPPORT 8 MAJOR AGING FACTORS with Anti-Aging Supplements!

  1. Lack of Nutrition: We guide and supply you with ALL the essential minerals/ nutrients your body must have!
  2. Toxicity:  Detox Cleansing is an absolute MUST- we supply some of the best detox to rid you of toxins!
  3. Oxidative / Free Radical Stress:  We offer some of the best antioxidant formulas on the market!
  4. Telomere Shortening:  We use Nobel prize telomere award-winning info for a cutting-edge cell longevity formula!
  5. Hormone Imbalance: Hormone decreases dramatically with age- get building blocks to fight back (includes HGH supplements)!
  6. Overweight:  Weight is a major factor in the health of many- see our support for Healthy Weight!
  7. Glycation: Sugar issues affect many people and we offer some support
  8. Lack of Sleep:  Lack of sleep contributes to many health issues and aging- we provide support!

Do you want to be healthy, have vitality, energy and be able to keep doing all the things you like to do as you get older?!  Yeah, so do we!  That's what the all natural health supplement and anti aging vitamin movement is all about.  But it doesn't happen unless you can visualize that goal and take positive steps now to create the future you want.  Proper lifestyle, sleep, exercise and stress control all play a part. Supplementing with anti-aging vitamins and advanced natural health anti-aging supplements, as well as enjoying a healthy detox cleanse hold a significant role as well.  Anti-Aging Ultra is passionate about bringing you what are in our opinion, the best anti aging vitamins, best all natural health supplements, the best anti-aging skin products and treatments, natural makeup and even supplements for pets!  Our range of incredible, advanced natural nutritional supplements and anti aging vitamins and other natural wellness products is stunning!  Take a look at natural supplement reviews and compare.  

Most people don't really care about how long they live but rather the quality of life, energy and vitality level, and keeping a healthy immune system RIGHT NOW and how to maintain that vitality as they get older.  Following anti-aging protocols equals living with health and vitality now; optimal healthy living now equates to anti-aging for the future.

Be sure to see our whole section of superior anti-aging antioxidant cell longevity support supplements including the amazing CELL-SHIELD and AGE-LESS products!  We also have an incredible Oligomeric Procyanthocyanidins product- which has SUPER antioxidants!  The growing research on antioxidant benefits and what antioxidants do is amazing.

It's incredibly exciting!  Come and find the best anti-aging natural supplements for the whole family, anti-aging vitamins, detox cleanses, natural makeup, anti-aging skin care treatments, spa, essential oil, herbs and so much more!  What are vitamins?  What are minerals?  Come and find out.

Let our START page help you navigate to better health and vitality- not just anti-aging vitamins for the future but for a better life TODAY!  Buy natural supplements today.

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